Lisette de Greeuw (°1990) works in, around and through language, using transformation as a method and translation as a matter.

I developed a lexicon based on embroidery patterns for making images, which creates a threshold with the viewer while simultaneously acts as a tool to do the actual work. I hold on to this structure to build images that can be filled with ne meaning — independent of the material, medium, or scale of the work. By repeating a simple act over and over again, and often losing concentration, ‘mistakes’ start to appear, the acceptance of which leads to the creation of new forms. My work involves an experience of permanent transformation in which the boundary between original and a copy becomes radically unclear. Making different works through transformations, I'm testing the structural limits of communication, attempting to reveal the problems and enrichments of language and translation. Does language form meaning, does meaning form language?

My artistic practice has been generously supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (Jan van Heel Fonds and Fonds 5), Genootschap Noorthey, Flanders State of the Art, Fonds Kwadraat and Mondriaan Fund.